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If your protocol has a calendar in Oncore, a study team member will be required to complete the Budget Team Signoff before the calendar is released. To prepare for this signoff, study teams will need to ensure the following:

  1. At least 1 staff member will need to complete either of the following OnCore training and have been assigned the corresponding access role in OnCore:
    1. Billing Grid Approver training
      1. Online
      2. For staff who will not be entering a budget in OnCore, but need access to review the Billing Grid and complete the Budget Team Signoff
    2. Financial Coordinator training
      1. Instructor-led (virtual or in-person)
      2. For staff who will be performing pre or post award budget activity in OnCore and need access to review the Billing Grid and complete the Budget Team Signoff.
  2. The staff member(s) who are responsible for completing the Budget Team Signoff (and have one of the above mentioned access roles) need to be listed as Financial Coordinator on the protocol staff list.  
    1. Those with the Financial Coordinator OnCore access role can add themselves to the protocol staff list.
    2. Those with the Billing Grid Approver role will have to contact the Regulatory Coordinator listed on the protocol to be added to the protocol staff list.

If the above preparations were made, the staff listed as the Financial Coordinator on the protocol will receive the Budget Team Signoff Reminder Notice via email.  This indicates the calendar is awaiting your approval.  Please take the following steps to complete your review.  See OnCore Billing Grid for instructions on how to navigate this area of OnCore.

  1. Check that all of the following are true:
    1. All visits with billable services (calendar procedures) are represented in the Calendar and are labeled accurately.
    2. All billable services that will be done are represented in the Calendar.
      1. Billable services that will always be performed/analyzed (i.e. labs) in a research designated area have a Supporting Designation of (DRA) or (CL).
      2. Billable services that will be or may be done in a clinical area have a Charge Master Event listed underneath. 
    3. The services are listed at the correct visits
    4. The associated services (i.e. anesthesia or laboratory analysis) that are not explicitly mentioned in the protocol are represented either as a separate service or as a Charge Master Event underneath a service or Charge Master Item underneath a Charge Master Event..
    5. All billing designations are correctly marked “S” or “R” and Supporting Designation, if listed, are accurate.
      1. Any service listed in the contract as invoiceable “if not standard of care” should have a billing designation of “R” and a Supporting Designation of “TBD.” The Clinical Coordinator checking in visits for each subject will need to manually change this in the visit details for the subject if the service was medically necessary and NOT done SOLELY for research purposes.
  2. If adjustments are needed, contact the WU Coverage Analyst listed in the Staff section of the PC Console (Menu > Protocols > PC Console on the horizontal Staff tab).

  3. If everything looks correct, complete the Budget Signoff by following the below steps:
    1. While the protocol is pulled up in the Coverage Analysis page, navigate to the eCRF/Calendars Console from the Main Menu and click on Specifications. 
    2. Scroll to the bottom right of the page and click the button that says Budget Signoff. Do not complete the above review from this page because Charge Master Events/Items and Supporting Designations are not included here.

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