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OnCore usage follows the Epic Placement of Research Study Information and Consents in the Medical Record guideline.

When a study falls into to any one of the categories listed below, a protocol record must be created in OnCore that includes the Minimum Footprint of data.  Participants can then be associated to the protocol in OnCore to ensure patient safety and accurate billing. 

  • Clinical Studies/Trials.  Clinical studies/trials are those that include services/activities that impact or affect clinical management or treatment of the study/trial participant.
  • Studies with Billing Risk.  Studies with Billing Risk are required to have a protocol record in OnCore.  The Coverage Analysis process will be documented in the OnCore system.
  • Studies that require Orders in Epic.  Any studies that include an Order for a procedure, lab, medication, item/service that must be generated in Epic are required to have a protocol record created in OnCore. 
  • Studies that require PRMC review. For PRMC guidelines, please see the PRMC website


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