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Adding Consented Subjects

These instructions are for registering subjects to a Washington University or Barnes Jewish Hospital site to count toward the Research Center accrual.  For registering subjects to an external site participating on the protocol, please see Adding External Subjects.

  1. Begin on Home Page > Subjects menu > CRA Console
  2. Select a protocol by entering the protocol number in the Select Protocol field
  3. Click the Register Subject Vertical Tab
    1. If the subject has an Epic MRN (i.e. they are a patient at a WashU/BJC affiliated hospital), they should be searchable in OnCore.
      1. If you cannot locate the correct patient, reference our Troubleshooting Article for search tips. 
      2. If the subject is a healthy volunteer and did not consent to have their participation in the study appear in Epic, they will need to be manually registered*.
      3. If the subject is not a patient at a WashU/BJC affiliated hospital and does not need to be in Epic, they will need to be manually registered*.
        *To manually register a subject, download the OnCore Manual Patient Registration Form, complete and save, then send to
    2. In the Find Subject block enter the following fields:
      1.  Study Site* (required)
      2. Last Name
      3. Birth Date
      4. Click “Find”
    3. Patient will be listed in the “Results” block. Click their “Epic MRN” hyperlink to auto populate fields in the “Subject Details” block.
    4. Click “Add
  4. Subject Added
  5. Click the Consent Vertical Tab
    1. Enter Signed Date
    2. Click “Select Consents
    3. On the Available Consents list, choose the “Accepted” radio button next to signed ConsentsConsents (Review version date, approved date, and expiration date to ensure they match the signed consent)
      1. IF APPLICABLE - If a patient decides to WITHDRAW or REFUSE the consent at this point of the study:
        1. In the “Other Consent Status” block, select the dropdown for “Status”
        2. Select the appropriate option:
          1. Consent Refused
          2. Consent Waived
          3. Withdrawn
        3. Enter “Status Date”
        4. Click “Submit
    4. Click “Save,” and “Submit.” Subject status in the Subject Console header will change to “CONSENTED”. Click "Close".
  6. Stop until Subject Eligibility is Determined
    1. If your subject is Eligible, proceed to the Enrolling Eligible Subjects work flow.
    2. If your subject is Ineligible, proceed to the Entering Screen Fails work flow. 

      titleIncorrect Dates Entered

      If you inadvertently transcribe an incorrect date for one of the subject updates (date of consent, date on study, date on treatment, etc) please contact the OST to manually push the information once you have corrected it. 

*Institutional required fields marked in red, bold font