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  1. Completion of role-based OnCore training. Roles include:
    1. Clinical TeamUsers who will need to register/manage individual patients in OnCore. 
    2. Financial Coordinator: Users who need access to the financial console and will enter pre/post award data.
    3. Regulatory Role: Users create new protocols, submit to PRMC, track IRB records, and keep protocol statuses up to date.
    4. View Role: Users can view protocols and consents, print documents, and do effort tracking.
    5. External Coordinator: Non-WashU coordinators only. Manage individual subjects and track visits.

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    Access Requirements
    Access Requirements
    Verification of HIPAA training from the user's home organization.
    1. Please note that documentation must demonstrate that the user completed a HIPAA workforce training course at their home institution. Covered entities are required to demonstrate their workforce has been trained on the HIPAA Privacy, Security, and Breach Notification Rules, and typically provide a certificate of completion for verification that can be used for this purpose (see example).
    2. HIPAA training content nested within Human Subjects in Research (HSR) training courses (e.g., CITI or NIH HSR trainings) does not qualify as documentation for this level of HIPAA training, as it is not as in-depth and does not cover institution-specific requirements for breach-reporting and other related policies. All users must provide documentation of HIPAA certification prior to obtaining access to OnCore.
    3. The OnCore Support Team (OST) at or 314-747-0347 can confirm HIPAA certification for WUSTL and BJC employees within our eLearning systems. External users should provide documentation to the OST per the instructions below.



External Users
External Users
External Users

  1. Email to request training. Include:
    1. Certificate of HIPAA training, as described in access requirements above.
    2. New External Site Staff registration request form.
      Please complete ALL fields.
      View file
      nameNew External Site Staff Request Form Draft v3.pdf
      pageC. Request Forms
  2. OST will request a temporary non-employee ID for you and notify you once it's been granted.
  3. You will use your temporary ID to create a non-employee WUSTL Key. This will gain you access to the WashU Learn@Work training system, the OnCore user manual in Confluence, and the OnCore system.
  4. Enroll in online training: OST - OnCore Online Training: Clinical TeamExternal Coordinator.
  5. Email once you have completed training and passed the quiz. Include the WUSTL Key you created (username only, NOT password).
    1. OST creates your account; an activation email will be automatically sent from OnCore.
    2. Follow the link and instructions to confirm your account. 
  6. OnCore can then be accessed at
  7. Questions/problems logging in? Email