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REDCap Account Applications

Click here to submit a REDCap User Account and/or Project Account Application

To the Project PI:
To use REDCap to build and manage the forms and underlying databases for your study, a REDCap Project Account must first be requested from the Institute for Informatics (I2). If you do not already have a REDCap user account, the project-account application will also serve as your user-account application. The project account is an authorization to create databases for the specified project. Each different project requires a new project-account application.

REDCap project accounts are available only to Washington University faculty, including Medical School residents and fellows, faculty at ICTS-partner institutions, and administrators at Washington University and Barnes-Jewish and St Louis Childrens Hospitals.

To the REDCap Project Administrator (PA) named on a REDCap project-account application
As a PA you are authorized to create databases for the project specified on the application. You need to apply for a REDCap user account if you do not already have one. The project-account application does not substitute for a user-account application for you.

To all applicants other than the PI:
You need a REDCap user account to use REDCap. Even if you fill out a project-account application for a PI you still need to submit a user-account application for yourself.

REDCap user accounts on the Washington University system available to Washington University in St Louis (WUSTL) personnel and personnel of WUSTL affiliates and collaborators. We cannot provide accounts to others.

A Washington University REDCap account can be used on any Washington University REDCap project to which the user has access. The account is good as long as you are associated with WU. It is not necessary to apply for a new account when you change positions or departments within the University.


To reiterate:

User Account: request an account to be able to access a REDCap Project created by someone else. A user account does not database-creation privileges on the Production server. It does give database-creation privileges on the Demo server for learning how to use REDCap 

Project Account: request an account to create/build a new project from the beginning


Please use the REDCap survey link below to apply for user accounts and project accounts. The application is valid for both Washington University and non-Washington University applicants. Applicants who are not faculty need to enter the name and email address of their supervisor so please have that information handy before starting the application. Non-Washington University applicants must supply the name and email address of their WU collaborator. Note that the collaborator is the PI of the REDCap project on which the applicant will be working, not a research coordinator or other staff member unless that person has been previously authorized by the collaborator to approve applications.
After the application is submitted we will contact the supervisor to ask if the application is approved. We will also contact the applicant to verify the information submitted and to make sure that the application was not submitted fraudulently. After we receive satisfactory replies from both the supervisor and the applicant, the application will be processed.

Click here to submit a REDCap User Account and/or Project Account Application

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