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New Budget Version

New Budget Versions are necessary when there is a budget revision needed for a study with a released calendar

  1. From the Home Page navigate to the Financials menu > Financials Console > Select Protocol
  2. Select the Subject Related vertical tab
  3. Click on the New Budget Version button at the bottom of the page
  4. The New Budget Version pop up window will appear asking: Do you wish to lock the budget events in the new version?
  5. Select: Yes, lock the budgets events. Occurred visits will be updated retroactively
    1. Financial Coordinators should only complete Locked Budget versions

    2. If you feel that an Unlocked Budget version is needed, contact

  6. After you have completed entering your budget revisions, you will need to release the budget by navigating to the Subject Related tab, scrolling to the bottom and entering an Effective Date and clicking Release Budget.
    1. If this is an unlocked budget version, you will need to enter the current or a future date for the budget release.
    2. If this is a locked budget version, you can backdate the budget release, but it must be after the date of the last budget release.