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Adding Receipts

  1. From the Financials Console select the Receipts  vertical tab
    1. Choose the appropriate Sponsor from the drop down menu
      1. If there are multiple sponsors making payments, select the correct Sponsor name and the payments added will be shown separated by the sponsor
    2. Enter the Check Number of the payment in the Check No. field
    3. Enter the value of the check in the Amount field
    4. Enter the Date Received, Date Deposited, and Date Reconciled fields by selecting the mini calendar next to the boxes and choosing the appropriate date for each
    5. Click Add once you have entered all of the above information
      1. A row for this receipt will be added to the Payments Received table
      2. If any information has been entered incorrectly or needs to be changed, click the Edit hyperlink for that payment received
  2. Associate Payment with Invoice
    1. Click the Details hyperlink of the payment you just entered
    2. You are taken to the Payment Details page
    3. Choose the invoices for which the check
      1. Click Select hyperlink on the bottom right
      2. A pop up window will appear with a list of invoices
      3. Check the Select? checkbox for all applicable invoices you would like to apply this payment to
      4. Click Submit once you have selected all the appropriate invoices
    4. A row will be added in the Payment Details table for each of the invoices you selected
    5. For each of the invoices, add the amount from the check received that should be applied to that specific invoice in the Payment field
      1. The Payment amounts must add up to the total check amount
    6. Click the Submit button
    7. The Total Amount applied to all invoices will now be the amount of the check
      1. If the full invoice amount was not paid by the sponsor there will be values remaining in the Invoice Due and Invoice Due After Withheld fields
    8. If you have made an error, click the Select hyperlink and unselect the boxes. You will be able to start over from here
    9. Click the Close button to be brought back to the Receipts tab
  3. Applying Receipts to Invoices
    1. Once you have assigned a check to an invoice, go back to the Invoices vertical tab to detail the specific amounts that were paid for each event
    2. Select the blue hyperlink for the invoice you wish to update with payment information
    3. Click the Update button at the bottom right of the page
    4. You will see the Invoice Payments section at the bottom of the page
    5. If the payment amount equals the invoice amount the system will automatically enter the line-item payment details for the invoice, including the amount withheld
    6. If the payment amount DOES NOT match, you can enter the line-item payments
      1. If the item was not paid in full, enter the payment amount and the Not (Fully) Paid? box should automatically be checked
      2. If the item was not paid at all, you will need to check the Not (Fully) Paid? box manually
    7. If the Sponsor has permanently refused payment for a part or all of an item, enter the appropriate amount in the Write-off column
    8. Add Invoice Comments and line-item Comments as necessary
    9. Click Submit when you have finished making updates to the invoice
  4. The total payment from all checks and the remaining balance is listed at the bottom of the page