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Invoicing Rules

These are found in the Financials Console > Invoicing Rules tab.

  1. Invoice Frequency and Invoice After- WashU does not use these fields.
  2. Do Not Bill
    1. This can be used to prevent Milestones and Pass Thru events from appearing in the sponsor's list of invoiceable items
    2. From the Financials Console > Invoicing Rules tab
      1. Select the correct sponsor 
      2. Use the Rule drop down menu to select Do Not Bill.
      3. The Start Date will automatically populate with the current date
      4. Click the Add button once you have entered information into each field
    3. Any Milestone or Pass Thru events that occur on or after the above Start Date will not be available in your Invoiceable Items or Visit Variations tab until the Do Not Bill invoicing rule is removed.
      1. To remove the Do Not Bill invoicing rule, click the Delete check box in the Invoicing Rules tab and click Submit.
      2. Any Milestone or Pass Thru events that occured during the Do Not Bill Rule will now be available for invoicing on your Invoiceable Items or Visit Variations tab.