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Updating Charge Types and Costs

The Charge Type will display as per the Coverage Analysis.  If the event is an invoiceable item (in OnCore they are Pass Thru Events), you must update the charge type for each procedure from Milestone to Pass Thru. For Pass Thru Events you must add extra information to that procedure to indicate the negotiated cost

  1. From the Financials Console, select the Subject Related vertical tab
  2. The list of procedures built into the OnCore calendar will appear on the page
  3. Start at the top of the list and click the hyperlink for each procedure
    1. The Procedures Details window will open where you can edit information for that event
      1. Update the Negotiated charge if needed
      2. The Default Charge Type for Sponsor paid services is marked as Milestone which you can update to Pass Thru based on the negotiated budget terms.
        1. If only some of the visits within a specific procedure are Pass Thru charges, select the Visits hyperlink next to N/A
        2. A pop-up window will appear where you can select the applicable visits
        3. The SOC and Pass Thru settings are mutually exclusive for a visit - you cannot indicate that an event is both SOC and Pass Thru for the same visit.  If a service can be billed as either depending on allowable circumstances, the Coverage Analysis will show R(TBD), and it will default to Milestone.  Update this Charge Type to Pass Thru.  The coordinator checking in the Visit must change this to SOC if it is not covered by the Sponsor under the terms of the contract for this individual at this visit.

Adding a Charge Master Event

  1. You may need to add Charge Master events to Procedures after Coverage Analysis is complete. For example: A protocol may list Echocardiogram as a procedure, but the budget indicates that the subject can get either an Echocardiogram or a Muga scan.
    1. When you are in the Procedure Details window, click on Add Events

    2. A pop-up window for Browse Results will open
    3. Search for the applicable procedures to find the related Charge Master event
    4. Click "Add" and then "Submit"
    5. Once the Event Details is added to the Procedure Detail
      1. Change the Charge Type
      2. If you need the CRA to indicate which procedure occurred (Echo or Muga), mark the "Procedure Alternatives?" checkbox.
      3. Enter Negotiated Costs
        1. If the Negotiated Costs are visit dependent, select the Visits hyperlink next to the Negotiated field to further specify Charge Type and Negotiated Cost on a visit-by-visit basis
      4. "Submit" and "Close"

Adding Budget Only Procedures

What are Budget Only Procedures?

Visit charges that are not directly attributed to procedures on the clinical calendar but are added to the list of known subject-related costs. They can be tied to clinical visits but will not be seen by the research staff (other than the financial team). They are included on the financial calendar and billing grid but not on the subject calendar:

  1. CRA effort, PI time, research nurse time, or time spent by other staff
  2. Dry ice, shipping, or storage costs for lab samples or specimens
  3. Pharmacy fees (if charged per subject or per drug administration)


  1. From the Financials Console, select the Subject Related tab under the Budget tab
  2. Click the Select Budget Procedures button at the bottom right of the screen
  3. A Browse Results pop-up window will appear
    1. Begin typing an Event Description in the Find-As-You-Type field and the drop down list will filter
    2. Select the appropriate event by clicking on it when it appears on the list
    3. Click the Add hyperlink
    4. Repeat this process for all of the Budget Proecdures associated with your study and then click Submit
    5. All of the Budget Only events will be added at the bottom of your budget and indicated with an asterisk
  4. Once you have added all of the Budget Procedures for this protocol, proceed to the subsequent section to add the Budget Procedure Visit/Treatment Schedule details for each procedure you added

Budget Procedure Details

  1. The visit/treatment schedule must be defined for Budget Procedures
  2. Click the hyperlink for the added procedure
  3. Click the Visits/Schedules hyperlink
  4. A pop-up window with two horizontal tabs will appear 
    1. You will automatically be brought to the Visits tab
      1. The visits that are available are defined in the protocol calendar
        1. You CANNOT choose any visits/schedules that do not already exist on the calendar
      2. Check the Select? checkbox for any applicable Visits 
      3. Click "Submit"
    2. Click the Treatment Schedules tab
      1. Select any schedule(s) defined for the Protocol Calendar
        1. If you need to create a new schedule that is defined on the protocol calendar, please contact the OST
      2. Check the Select? checkbox for any applicable Treatment Schedules
      3. Click "Submit"
    3. Click "Close"
  5. The selected Visits and Treatment Schedule will appear on the Procedures Detail-Schedules block
  6. To adjust the number of occurrences of a procedure during a single visit, click the "Details" button in the bottom right corner of that block
    1. This will open a Browse Results window where you can alter the Number of Occurrences for a given visit
    2. The number 1 will automatically be in each of the No. of Occurrences boxes to indicate that the event takes place once. If the event will occur multiple times, the number can be edited
    3. Click "Submit" and "Close" once you have edited the numbers as applicable to return to the Procedure Detail screen
  7. Update Charge TypeNegotiated Amount, and Visits as applicable for your study
    1. Follow the instructions for Updated Charge Types from the Subject Related Items section
    2. Click "Submit" and "Close"