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Visit Variations refer to any variations to a subject visit made by the CRA.  Potential variations are: marking an entire visit as Missed, marking a procedure as Missed or Not Applicable, marking whether or not the procedure is Standard of Care (SOC), adding additional procedures to the visit, and creating an Additional Visit. These items will appear in the Visit Variations vertical tab in the Financials Console. These items must be verified in order to be added to an invoice for billing.

Identifying What Variations Occurred:

  • If the budget indicated that a procedure was SOC for the visit and the CRA changed the designation to not SOC, an “N” will appear under the SOC column. The “N” means that the checkbox was unchecked in the subject visit.
  • If there is a “Y” for the Missed column, this means the CRA marked this procedure as missed by checking the Missed box in the subject visit.
  • A visit that was marked as missed will say “Missed” in the Visit Date column. All procedures in a missed visit are listed in the variation, with ellipses (...) after the procedure name in the Procedure column to indicate that there are more procedures to review. Hover the cursor over the procedures in the visit variation to see the full list of procedures in the missed visit.
  • If Additional Visits are created for a subject in the CRA Console, the Unplanned? column would display a "Y". Each procedure within that visit will be listed in a separate line so they could be included/excluded from invoices on a case by case basis.
  • If an Additional Procedure was added to the visit by the CRA, the Additional? column will display a "Y".  Additional procedures that were configured as Pass Thru at the visit will display in the Pass Thru section of the invoice.

  • Any reasons entered by the CRA for the visit variation will be displayed as the Comments: line directly below the visit variation.

Verifying Visit Variations:

  1. From the Financials Console select the Visit Variations vertical tab
  2. The header bar inside the Visit Variations window allows you to restrict the details given in the table
    1. Provide a date range for viewing visit variations by entering a From Visit Date and a Thru Visit Date
      1. Visits outside of these dates will not be visible once you hit "Refresh"
    2. Checking the Include Verified? checkbox will cause verified variations to be displayed
    3. As visit variations are added to invoices, they are removed from view. However, if the Include Invoiced? checkbox is selected along with the Refresh button at the top of the page, those invoiced will display with “Invoiced” in the NA for Invoice? column.
    4. Click Refresh to see your newly defined results
  3. The table displays the subject visit deviations for review and verification purposes.  
    1. Once an item has been reviewed, Check the Verified? column checkbox and click "Submit"
      1. After you submit at this step, the visit or procedure will not be displayed in the table unless the Include Verified? checkbox is checked in the header section
    2. If the item is not applicable for the invoice, check the NA for Invoices? column checkbox and click "Submit"
             i. The variation cannot be added to an invoice if checked NA


Visit Variations

 You can also navigate to the Visit Variations that have not been marked as NA for Invoices? by following the workflow: Financials Console > Invoices > Visit Variations button (bottom right corner)