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Schedule a Report

If you find a report that works well for your team, rather than running it every time you want it, you can schedule the same exact report to be run and emailed to you at a certain time every week, or even every day.

  1. From the Home Screen, navigate to the Reports column > Reports
  2. Navigate to the report you would like to schedule
  3. If the report is able to be scheduled, there will be a "Schedule" hyperlink to the right of the report hyperlink
  4. Click the Schedule hyperlink
  5. The screen that opens will require you to fill out the details (Report Criteria) of the report you are trying to run - just as if you were running a single report
  6. Add the appropriate Report Criteria based on the report you have chosen in the first block of the schedule request
  7. In the second block, you will add details about How you want it sent to you including the name of the scheduled report, e-mail address of who you want to receive it, e-mail subject, e-mail body, and the Format of the file that it will be sent as: PDF, Excel, CSV, RTF, or DOCX. 
  8. Once you have filled in the details of How you will receive the scheduled report, you will move to the third block to choose When you will receive the report
    1. You can choose to have the report run Daily, Weekly, or Monthly
    2. Within those options, you will also have to make selections:

      1. Once you have chosen When to receive the report, click Submit
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