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The subject you are looking for is present in the Epic system, but when I use the Find Fields within the Register Subject tab in the OnCore CRA Console, I can't find them.


Follow the troubleshooting steps below to ensure you are using the right parameters to search for your patient.

  1. You are using the correct identifiers for your search (e.g., DOB is not transposed, name is spelled correctly);
  2. You have the correct "Study Site" selected in the Find Subject;
  3. Verify that the Study Site the patient is associated with is listed in the Institution section of the PC Console (this is required for Epic records to be available in the new participant search);
  4. If you still cannot locate your patient in OnCore, please contact the OnCore Support Team with the details.
    1. Protocol Number, Patient Name, Date of Birth, actual Epic MRN, Epic MRN as listed in OnCore
    2. In this rare event, be sure to associate the patient in Epic manually within 24 hours for billing compliance!