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  • From the Menu, navigate to Protocols > PC Console and enter the Protocol No. in the Select Protocol field.
  • Click Reviews in the vertical toolbar and click Other External Committee Actions in the Horizontal toolbar.
  • Click Update and enter the following required fields in the Add Other Committee Action block:
    • Committee: Select the external committee who performed the review being recorded.
    • Committee No.: Enter the number used by the committee to reference the protocol.
    • Submit Date: Enter the date the protocol information was submitted to the committee.
    • Review Date: Enter the date the committee reviewed the protocol.
    • Action: Enter the committee's decision regarding the protocol. The only committee decision required to be entered is Approved.
    • Action Date: Enter the date of the committee's decision. The only action date that is required to be entered is the date of the approval.
    • Next Review Date: Enter the date that the committee should next review the protocol.
  • Click Add.

If the protocol was reviewed by any additional ancillary committees, repeat the steps above. Once all ancillary committee renewal information has been entered, click Submit.


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