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Viewing the Billing Grid in OnCore

  1. From the Home Page > Financials menu > Coverage Analysis Console
  2. You will automatically be brought to the Protocol Summary in the Coverage Analysis Console
  3. Type the protocol number into the "Select Protocol" field
  4. Select Procedures

Procedure Overview

The Procedures tab is where all of the procedures listed in the protocol calendar will be listed. If no billing designations have been entered yet, the billing designation for every procedure will be listed as "R" (Research), which is the default designation.Once the billing designations have been entered by the Coverage Analyst, the proper designations will appear in this list.  You will see either "R" (Research) or "S" (Standard of Care).

  • The tabs along the top of the page allow toggling between versions of the calendar (if there are multiple).  
    • You will stay on the left-most version that ends with "(Released)".  This is the unreleased calendar version that you are reviewing.
    • The Coverage Analysis version is dependent on the version of the protocol calendar. When a new protocol calendar or a new budget version is created, a new coverage analysis version will also be created. This allows the Budget entry team to adjust any new calendar amendments to match the sponsor-agreed upon contract.
  • There are 4 instances of different tabs based on the status of the calendar or budget:
    • Released Calendar: If the most current budget or calendar were released, the release date will show in the parenthesis
    • New Unreleased Budget Version: You will see "(Released) +" but it will be a new budget version that has not been finalized.
    • New Unreleased Calendar Version: You'll see "(New)", "(Complete)", "(Clinical team signoff)", or "(Budget team signoff)" next to the version. Any of these statuses mean that the budget has not been completed yet. You may view previous versions of the released budget on tabs with the dates in parenthesis.
    • Released New Budget Only (same calendar version): You will see date in parenthesis of when the budget was released. 

  1. Procedure Table:

    1. The procedures listed in the Clinical Procedure/Lab table consist of all of the clinical procedures defined in the protocol's clinical calendar, as well as any budget procedures that have been added by the Budget entry team.

    2. Individual procedures can be expanded by using the "+" or collapsed using the "-" to view Charge Master items that have been added

    3. Selecting the "Expand All" hyperlink at the top of the list will show all Charge Master events tied to all of the billing procedures. Charge Master Events/Items that will be performed in clinical areas will contain the CPT (billing code) code/s for that service. The Washington University and BJC billing staff will use these codes to review charges for patients associated with research studies in Epic.


  2. Footnotes

    1. Towards the bottom of the pare are calendar and financial only footnotes

    2. Financial only footnotes are only visible through the Financials Console or Coverage Analysis Console. Each financial only footnote starts with an index of "F".

    3. If a calendar is built, but there are no procedures with billing risk, you will see a footnote indicating such like the F1 footnote below.

Billing Grid Overview:

The Billing Grid is a line-item list of the study activities and visit schedule, including the Billing Designations and Supporting Designations for each Charge Master Event and Item, as well as, applicable footnotes in a table format. Once added by the Coverage Analysis team, the billing designations are seen on the Billing Grid page next to the appropriate procedure and visit. Procedures are listed on the left while the time points (or milestones) are listed at the top of the displayed Billing Grid.

  1. Select Billing Grid from the left vertical tabs:
  2. The Billing Grid Display Filters offer many options to customize your view of the Billing Grid: 
    1. Calendar and Budget Version Filters: Allows you to select the appropriate calendar and budget version
    2. Protocol Arm: Allows you to limit your display to a single treatment arm of the calendar
    3. Sponsor: Allows you to limit the display to show only procedures associated with a single sponsor if multiple sponsors are listed on the protocol
    4. Display Event Codes and Item Codes: By default, event codes and item codes are not included in the billing grid. Select this checkbox to include them.
    5. Billing Designations:
      1. Allows you to select one or multiple billing designations
      2. Selectable billing designations:
      3. S also known as Standard of Care or SOC
      4. R also known as Research
    6. Supporting Designation: 
      1. Allows you to select one or multiple supporting designations. 
      2. Table below shows all possible Supporting Designations at WashU.
    7. Refresh: Select "refresh" to apply your filter selections to the Billing Grid
    8. Clear: Click "clear" and "refresh" to rest the filters and remove them from the Billing Grid
  3. Below is a simple example of what a Billing Grid might look like:

Exporting the Billing Grid:

OnCore supports exporting the Billing Grid from the Billing Grid page. To export the Billing Grid:

  1. Scroll to the bottom of the Billing Grid page
  2. Select "View Excel"
  3. After the file has downloaded, select the file from your browser's download folder



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