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The OnCore system uses terms that may be familiar to financial staff, but may have a different meaning than how they typically use it. Please pay careful attention to the OnCore definitions as this will help alleviate confusion about certain parts of the Financial process.


  1. Protocol-Related Events:
    1. Study specific charges that are not attributed to only one subject (e.g. IRB review fees, pharmacy fees, etc.)
    2. Variable Items
      1. Protocol-related items that occur more than once
      2. Make sure to update the comments section per sponsor requests or for institutional tracking information
  2. Subject-Related Events: Study-specific charges that apply to a subject
  3. Milestones
    1. Protocol or subject-related events that can be invoiced according to a study payment schedule
    2. Subject Event Milestones
    3. Subject Visit Milestones
  4. Pass Thru Items
    1. For OnCore purposes, a Pass Thru Item is a procedure, charge master event, or item that is billed to the sponsor separately from any milestones 
    2. Think of this as a big ticket item that will be listed on an invoice as its own item (e.g. CT or MRI that occur outside of the treatment window)
  5. Invoiceables
    1. An event that is listed on the patient calendar but does not have associated visits. These procedures are added to the calendar so they can be available to add as "Additional Procedures" by the CRA in the event it occurs for an individual patient
  6. Event Triggers
    1. Rules that have to be satisfied before the event can be added to an invoice.