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Biospecimen management system takes preparation and shipping instructions for a specimen directly from the Study and presents those instructions on a single screen to make it easy for you to reference them quickly.
You can access the instructions from the Specimen checklist. Open the Specimen checklist by following the instructions in the section titled Viewing[ |Search for a shipment0#id.dxq22ghoq5w9]the[ |Search for a shipment0#id.dxq22ghoq5w9]specimen[ |Search for a shipment0#id.dxq22ghoq5w9]checklist

Select the specimen description to open the Specimen preparation and Shipping Instructions screen.

This screen contains two sections
Specimen preparation instructions show how to prepare the specimen before shipping it. This includes the type of specimen container to use, label instructions, and whether to freeze, refrigerate, or store the specimen at room temperature.
Shipping instructions show the type of shipping container to use, when (e.g., within two weeks) to send the specimen, and additional instructions as needed. When you finish reading the instructions, select the close button to return to the Specimen Checklist.
Follow the shipping instructions while adding a specimen into a shipment

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