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Shipments section displays specimens that have not been assigned to a shipment as well as shipments that have not been sent. With the Biospecimen management system, you can log a specimen and immediately add it to a shipment, or log a specimen and add it to a shipment later.
The same concept applies to shipments. You can log a specimen, add it to a shipment, and immediately send the shipment, or you can wait and send the shipment later. Until you actually send the shipment, it is considered "not shipped."
For example, a CRA at a collecting site may normally log specimens throughout the day but wait until the end of the day to send the batch of specimens in a single shipment. This means that throughout the day, the shipment is "not shipped" – or waiting to be sent. At the end of the day, the CRA uses the Shipments screen to view and send that shipment

To open Shipments screen, select Manage shipments from Tasks panel

Shipments screen is divided into two panels: Specimens and Shipments.

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