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You can synchronize a study created in BioMS into the caTissue repositories.
Log into BioMS and search for the study that should be synchronized with repositories and select Search button.

From the search results, select the study

System displays details of the selected study. Select Synchronize study button.

System displays a success message indicating that the selected study is synchronized and this study is now visible in all the repository site caTissues. To view the study in caTissue, log into the desired caTissue instance following which system takes you to caTissue home page

From the top level navigation menu, select Search. System displays a secondary menu.

From secondary menu of Search menu, select Simple. System displays a simple search page where you can search for the study that was just synchronized from BioMS. In order to retrieve the study which was synchronized from BioMS, set the following filter options

  • Object: Collection protocol
  • Attribute: Short title
  • Condition: Equals
  • Value: Alliance study number of the study that was created in BioMS and synchronized to caTissue

After selecting all the search options, select Search. System displays details of the selected Collection Protocol

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