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After a participant is registered to a study in BioMS, the participant registration details are synced to the repository site caTissue instances. In order to view the study registration and other study details that are synced into the repository site caTissues, follow the below steps.
Log into the caTissue instance of the desired repository. System takes you to caTissue home page.

From the top level navigation links, select Biospecimen Data link. System displays a secondary menu under Biospecimen Data link.

Select Collection Protocol Based View link. System displays a page where two panes are displayed.

In the Collection Protocol auto-completer in the left pane, start entering the Alliance study number of the desired study. As you enter the study number, system displays the list of all studies that contain the entered characters.

From the list of studies, select the desired study. Now, system fetches the list of all participants registered to the selected study.

From the list of participants, select a desired participant to view the Specimen details of the selected Collection Protocol

Epochs and arms of the corresponding study in BioMS are replicated in the repository site caTissue instances.

To view the details of any specimen requirement, select the desired specimen from Specimen Details section on the left after which system displays the details on the right pane.

Note that those specimen requirements that are not targeted at a repository are displays in the Specimen details section. However, the Activity status of that specimen requirement is displayed as Closed. Hence, any updates made to a specimen requirement in BioMS are synced back only to those repository caTissues in which activity status of a specimen is Active.

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