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Once specimens are moved into a shipment, you may send the shipment to its repository. To send a shipment, navigate to Shipments section in Manage shipments menu

From Shipments panel, select the radio button beside the desired shipment and select Send button

System displays the packing slip for the selected shipment. Packing slip shows all specimens that have been placed in a shipment. Viewing the Packing slip in order to send a shipment allows you to double-check the contents before actually shipping the package.
You can get to the Packing slip by searching for an individual shipment, or from the Shipments screen which shows all pending shipments.

Follow these instructions at the top of the screen: Review the Packing slip to make sure all information is correct. If you want to send the shipment now, first add Shipping date by selecting the Date icon, and add the Carrier and Tracking number. If need be, update the address or phone numbers and finally, select Send shipment button.

Print the Packing slip and place it in the shipping container.
Note: It is important that you place the Packing slip in the shipping container with the specimens. The repository uses Shipment ID on Packing slip to look up the shipment record.
Once a shipment is In transit, it may not be deleted.

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