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Search for a patient to view patient-specific specimen details on the Specimen checklist.

To search for a patient, select Patients menu in the Search panel on the left side of the screen. Patient search screen appears.
The Patient Search screen provides three ways to search for a patient:

  1. By Registration ID: Registration ID (also called Alliance ID) is assigned by the system during Study Pre-registration or Registration. Start typing the Registration ID and system suggests list of Registration IDs that contain the numerals that are entered. Select the desired Registration ID from the suggestions and select Search

  1. By Patient initials: Type the first letter of patient name and system suggests the list of patients that contain the entered letter. From the list of suggestions, select the desired patient and select Search

  1. By Study ID: Study ID is also called Study Number or Alliance Study number. Start typing the Study ID and system suggests the list of studies that contain the entered value. From the suggested studies, select the study to which the desired patient is registered.

As an example, you can search for a patient by specifying the Study ID of the study to which the patient is registered. Select Study ID from the drop-down list and type the Study ID, e.g., 10403, into the field provided. As you keep typing, system suggests the list of Study IDs that contain the ID that you entered.

From the list of suggestions, select the desired Study ID and select Search button. The Patient search results screen appears, showing patients you are authorized to view who are registered to that study.

The Patient Search Results screen shows Patient Initials, Study IDs for studies to which the patient is registered, Registration ID
Select the patient initials to open the patient Specimen checklist screen, which is the screen used to log specimens. To read more about logging specimens, see the section Logging[ |Viewing the specimen checklist0#id.zeeqmo453tbu]a[ |Viewing the specimen checklist0#id.zeeqmo453tbu]specimen.

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