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You may add any number of associated studies to a selected study. To add an associate study to an existing study, navigate to the desired study using Search[ |#id.elwy3aftu9nv]study
Select Associate study(s) tab for the desired study

System displays a dropdown where list of existing studies are displayed.

Select the desired study that should be associated with current study and select Add.

On selecting Add button, the selected study is added to list of associate studies for the current study (in this case 10600). You may add any number of associated studies for a study. To add more associated studies, select another study from dropdown and then select Add button. This would add the newly selected study into the list of selected associated studies that are existing.

Select Study details tab beside the Associate study(s) tab. Now select Submit and then select Save study button.

Selected study is associated to the current study. Now, you can add coincident events between the study and its associated studies.

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