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Biospecimen Management System (BioMS)

What is BioMS?The Alliance Biospecimen Management System (BioMS) is a web-based application
that is being designed to support biospecimen tracking, inventory management, and
reporting for all Alliance clinical trials and companion correlative science studies.

BioMS is based on the functionality and user interface of the existing CALGB Specimen Tracking
System (STS), but incorporates many new usability enhancements and
capabilities to support the operations of the Alliance biorepository network.











BMS User Interface

A. Search for participant and biospecimens for collection based on participant ID and/or protocol number. Search is restricted to those participants enrolled at the members institution.

B. A checklist of all required specimens to be collected is shown, organized by protocol arm and time point. Collected specimens are logged with indicated quantity, collection date, and associated form data. 'Tool tips' provide on-line collection and shipping instructions

C. Collected specimens are assigned to shipments based upon their shipping requirements and destination repository or laboratory.

Implementation plan


  • Formal training on the use of BioMS will begin in August 2012. Regularly scheduled webinars, a fully annotated user manual, and on-line resources will be made available.
  • Connectivity between the Alliance trial registration system, BMS, and each of the Alliance biorepositories will be established between October and December of 2012.
  • The Alliance Biorespository Management System (BioMS) is scheduled for official activation on January 7, 2013.
  • New Alliance trials and most previously activated trials that are not using CALGB STS will begin to use BioMS after January 7, 2013.
  • Trials currently using STS for specimen tracking will continue in STS.
  • A single web site for biospecimen management (available from the main Alliance web site) will correctly route users to STS or BioMS based on the protocol number.
  • Current (legacy) biospecimen inventory at each of the Alliance repositories will be prioritized and loaded into BioMS beginning in January 2013.



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