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Alliance Foundation Trials (AFT) Biorepository and Laboratory updates

Last Updated: July 2, 2020

Please visit this page frequently to see updates regarding kit requests and biospecimen submission for all Alliance trials as we will be re-opening specimen shipments in two phase process.  Note that the Alliance Biospecimen Coordinating Center (i.e. BioMS and BioMS HelpDesk) will still operate normally through phone and email communicationPlease contact the AFT BioMS HelpDesk with any questions related to these policies and procedures.

  • Effective July 13, 2020 all clinical sites should begin submission of any paraffin block or slide biospecimens from Alliance trial patients that were being previously withheld because of limited biobanking operations.  Please read the following carefully: 
  • Send only paraffin block and slide specimens at this time.  Please hold on to any ‘backlog’ of frozen specimens at this time.  These will be requested shortly.
  • All biospecimens should be logged in AFT BioMS following normal procedures.
  • Biospecimens from multiple patients may be placed and sent in a single shipment.  However, it is essential that each biospecimen is properly labeled (please see the relevant CSM) and can be specifically and uniquely linked to each participant.  It is also important that all relevant paperwork (pathology reports and other forms) be included and properly labeled so that it can be associated with each unique biospecimen in the shipment.
  • Please contact the AFT BioMS helpdesk if you have any questions or concerns about this shipment process.

Update from June 16, 2020

  • Effective June 15, 2020 the AFT Biorepository at Washington University will be entering Phase I for specimen collections and shipments on ALL AFT trials. 
    • Any fresh specimen (blood, bone marrow, plasma, serum, urine, stool) collected on or after June 16,2020.  Specimens should be collected and shipped per study protocol.
    • Paraffin tissue blocks, stained slides, and unstained slides should be shipped per study protocol
  • The following specimens SHOULD NOT BE SHIPPED AT THIS TIME (Phase II):
    • Any specimen that was processed and stored on site per COVID-19 instructions.
  • If you are uncertain as to whether to SHIP or HOLD a biospecimen, please contact the AFT BioMS HelpDesk by phone or email.

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