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Dear AFT BioMS user,

A new version of the AFT Biospecimen Management System (AFT BioMS, v2.0) has been released on April 28, 2016. Although the look and functionality of the AFT BioMS v2.0 is same as the existing system for most users, there are in particular two new pieces of functionality that are designed to facilitate biospecimen collection for AFT clinical trials:  1) The ability to request and track fulfillment of biospecimen collection kits; 2) The ability to submit supporting, electronic documentation to biospecimens registered in the system.  The two new functionalities have been already added to the AFT BioMS User Manual and we will also plan on sending a one pager and a short video soon. Please see the AFT BioMS User Manual link below. 

Biospecimen Collection Kit Management

While no training will be necessary to use the existing basic functionality of AFT BioMS v2.0, note that after June 6, 2016 all requests for biospecimen collection kits should be made through the AFT BioMS system, rather than calling, emailing, or faxing individual biorepositories.  Therefore, we strongly encourage you to attend or review training materials with regard to requesting collection kits through BioMS, prior to this date.

If you have any questions related to the AFT BioMS v2.0 release, please contact the AFT BioMS Help Desk: 1-855-642-4667 OR email the AFT BioMS Help Desk Team at

Thank You

The AFT BioMS Team

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