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Notice: Alliance Biorepository Operations have resumed its regular operations. CLICK HERE for Daily Updates. 

To request a kit, please access the AFT BioMS application and select "Kit Request"

For study procedure related assistance, please email the Alliance Foundation Biorepository at or call the AFB Program Manager at 314-747-4402

For Help with AFT BioMS, please call toll free number, 1-855-642-4667 OR email the AFT BioMS Help Desk Team at

IMPORTANT: Please note that effective from March 3, 2018, there is a change in the contact email address for both Alliance Foundation Bank and AFT BioMS Help Desk Team.The old emails will continue to work for couple more months and will be redirected to the new ones and the old ones will be retired eventually.  The new email address for the Alliance Foundation Biorepository is and for the AFT BioMS Help Desk is

The Alliance Foundation Trial (AFT) Biospecimen Management System (BioMS) is a web-based application that has been designed to support biospecimen tracking, inventory management, and reporting for all Industry sponsored clinical trials and companion correlative science studies. Alliance Foundation Trials, LLC (AFT) is a research organization that develops and conducts cancer clinical trials, working closely with pharmaceutical partners, research collaborators and the Alliance for Clinical Trials in Oncology member network. AFT seeks to fulfill the vision of the Alliance for Clinical Trials in Oncology to reduce the impact of cancer on people by uniting a broad community of scientists and clinicians from many disciplines, committed to discovering, validating and disseminating effective strategies for the prevention and treatment of cancer. AFT is funded wholly by private entities and does not use any public funding resources. 

AFT BioMS Production Application Link (Users must login Using AFT Portal)

Please note that Internet Explorer is no longer a certified browser for BioMS web application and the preferred web browser for BioMS is Chrome, Firefox, Safari or Edge. 



Date              Release Version    Comments


AFT BioMS v1.0Initial version


AFT BioMS v1.1IRT Integration


AFT BioMS v1.2CTMS Integration


AFT BioMS v2.0Kit Management


AFT BioMS v2.0.1Bug fixes

AFT BioMS v2.2

Oracle version upgrade

and improved kit management functionality


AFT BioMS v2.3

Corrected contact email address issue

and resolved record duplication issue.


AFT BioMS v2.4

New specimen types Tissue Lysate and Cell Lysate are now available to use.



AFT BioMS v2.5Improved biospecimen receipt annotation and improved kit management process.


AFT BioMS v2.5.1

Improved Shipment page performance and also completed infrastructure transition.


AFT BioMS v2.5.2Implemented new web service for integrating user data from CTMS


AFT BioMS v2.5.3

Added two new specimen quality values for handling delayed specimen shipments.


AFT BioMS v2.5.4Changed the email server and modified a Quartz job scheduler configuration.


AFT BioMS v2.5.5Implemented Reporting Function.


AFT BioMS v2.5.6Added a new value for the received specimen quality.   "Unacceptable - Incorrect Specimen"


AFT BioMS v2.5.7Added Filters to display kit requests only for an year back history from the current date.  


AFT BioMS v2.6

Revised Shipment Manifest: Bar codes have been added for Specimens on the Shipment Manifest. Shipment Manifests are printed as PDF documents. Specimen Quantity for each specimens has been added to the Shipment Manifest. Shipment ID and page number(s) appears as document footer on all pages of the Shipment Manifest / Associated forms, if any. 

Specimen Collection Status: Prior to this version, when a Primary biospecimen is collected and there is an alternate biospecimen requirement exists, BioMS system automatically marks the alternate biospecimen status as "Not Collected". Going forward, this has been changed to mark as "Not Applicable". This change has been made effective for all past and future biospecimens. When a user update a biospecimen's status as "Not Collected" using BioMS GUI, BioMS will continue to maintain its status as "Not Collected"  


AFT BioMS v2.7Added validation on collection dates for Fixed Tissue Block, Fixed Cell Block and Fixed Tissue Slide. Also, added validation for Shipping date to prevent entering a date earlier than any of the specimen collection dates. 


AFT BioMS v3.0

Integrated with the revised and upgraded AFT OpenSpecimen

Implemented BSF printing in AFT BioMS